7 vertical

One of the prime results of our research led us to dissect
our topics across 7 prime verticals.

These are:
• Health   • Organising    • Relations   • Mindfulness
• Creativity   • Career   • Money Management

These are usually the areas where parents face the maximum questions from their
children. This is why we have chosen these seven critical verticals to create topics and
make engaging story books or what we call as Sapien Fables. We also have created
DIY models, games and activities, timelines, quotes, jokes, and puzzles, all of which are
in the Wisdom Box. Check our packages to select a Wisdom Box for helping in
inculcating education and enlightenment into your little ones!

Brain Growth App


Experts’ Sessions

Sapien Kid is a new-age brand keen on providing parenting solutions. Modern parents are facing challenging issues in raising their children. The brand has been researching and developing tools making their work easier and even for inculcating life-saving habits to their off-springs.


We, the 21st century parents, have some problem or the other in raising kids. This struck with our founders, Mr. Vishwajit Patil, and Mr. Anil Jadhav as they embarked on parenthood respectively.

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Sapien Kid was conceptualized gradually, as the founders started listing and journaling their struggles and their problems in raising children. Their findings led them to realize:

•  Development of the child also means the sharpening of his or her brain.
•  The brain enables thoughts, boosts memory, movement, feelings, and emotions.
•  However, at birth, the human brain is only 30% developed.
•  The rest of the development happens after birth throughout the lifetime.
•  Knowledge sharing from parents to kids also has become a challenge
   as they do not know what to share and how!
•  Parents also struggle to find the best parenting style to choose for their child